Valvrave Week 8/22
Casual / Yukata

i wish the shoko defense force had interacted more ):

Valvrave Week 8/21
Favourite Moment from the series / Favourite Quote from the series

"How long do you think I’ve been looking for you? We agreed there wouldn’t be any sacrifices. Don’t break the contract like that."

Valvrave Week 8/20
A uniform of your choice / A character wearing the enemy’s uniform.

starring the most beautiful idol and prince

Valvrave Week 8/19
Ham+Egg / Youkan / Coffee

isn’t that just l-elf’s breakfast

Valvrave Week 8/18
Cross-overs / AU

shoko dressed as lan from rinne no lagrange! they’re both mecha pilots voiced by seto asami even though we never got to actually see shoko in action